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Project #2 — Them There
Last year Bravo Charlie Mike Hotel were approached by one of our long-standing clients to create an identity for a collective of small creative companies and freelancers that are based in and around East London. The idea was for the group to be made up of companies that are from different backgrounds or disciplines – graphic designers, architects, industrial designers, interior designers, etc. The group get together once a month to learn about each others’ businesses and benefit from the pooled knowledge and skills in the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts so, by being part of Them There, we feel that makes our individual and collective offerings more interesting to the people we work for.

We came up with the name for the group which we felt had a nice visual quality to it and designed a simple typographic identity. This was then supported with imagery of hand-gestures from Bruno Munari’s ‘Supplement to the Italian Dictionary’ re-enacted by group members. This came about as a result of a nice coincidence when we found that the gesture used to ‘call friends together’ was effectively a ‘T’ and so we used it for the invitation to publicise our first public event held at the Kvadrat showrooms just over a year ago.

We design all of the print and promotional collateral for various shows and events that the group takes part in or initiates, and have developed a simple CMS site that can be administrated by all members of the group in order to update it regularly with each practice’s recent activity and any joint efforts by the group as a whole.


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